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TrinityCore is a rather complex and demanding software, and as such, it may seem quite daunting to install and maintain. This guide will attempt to describe and also practically show in details how to setup your server environment.
Every step of the guide is divided in three tabs (probably more will follow) regarding different operating systems (mainly divided into LinuxOS X and Windows).

The guide has been divided into 5 steps, to make it more readable:

  1. Requirements [LinuxOS XWindows]
  2. Core Installation
  3. Server Setup
  4. Databases Installation
  5. Networking

Each step can be read independently or you can read them neatly, to gradually get into it and better understand it all.

Further Reading

For more specific guides, take a look at the How-to Section.

Information on how to customize logging is available at Logging Configuration.

Development State

The name TrinityCore gives to development branches is usually in n.n.n format, in which the ns represent numbers of the supported client version. At the moment there are two active branches of TrinityCore:

  • master targeting (usually) Live Retail version EXPERIMENTAL (NOT RECOMENDED FOR PRODUCTION ENVIRONMENTS) (Legion game client)
    • Choose this if you want to follow the latest developments from the community, but be conscious that it is still at the beginning and things may change in a day.
  • 3.3.5 targeting 3.3.5a (12340) STABLE (Wrath of the Lich King game client)
    • Choose this branch if you want to test an almost-rock solid server for one of the most loved expansions of the game of all times.


If you still have any problem, check: