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This article is part of the Installation Guide. You can read it alone or click on the previous link to easily move between the steps.

Now that you have the source compiled you need to extract some necessary files.


Trinity requires certain files obtained from client. You must compile the core with tools and put them on the same directory your wow binary is, after that you must run the tools.

Some are optional but highly recommended, the files are:

vmapsallHIGHLY Recommended
mmapsallHIGHLY Recommended


master onlyMandatory

Then you must copy them to the directory you have configured on the DataDir value on your worldserver.conf, to avoid errors you can simply copy all the directories on the same directory has worldserver binary without modify worldserver.conf

Use ONLY Trinity's extractors. Others are NOT supported.

If you use extractors from other projects it is almost certain that your TrinityCore will not recognize the extracted data! There is only one way in which you can be certain to obtain the correct extractors. If you add the option TOOLS in CMake before compiling, you will get them in your D:\Build\bin\RelWithDebInfo\ folder after compilation is complete.


Linux Server Setup

OS X Server Setup

Windows Server Setup

worldserver.conf / authserver.conf (bnetserver.conf for 6.x/master) (you must remove .dist from worldserver.conf.dist / authserver.conf.dist / bnetserver.conf.dist files to obtain them)

Scroll down to the LoginDatabaseInfo, WorldDatabaseInfo, and CharacterDatabaseInfo config options and enter MySQL Server login information for the server to be able to connect to your database.

On a newly compiled config, you should have the following values:

LoginDatabaseInfo = ";3306;trinity;trinity;auth" worldserver.conf / authserver.conf (bnetserver.conf for 6.x/master)    
WorldDatabaseInfo = ";3306;trinity;trinity;world" worldserver.conf    
CharacterDatabaseInfo = ";3306;trinity;trinity;characters" worldserver.conf

It follows this structure:

Variablename = "MySQLIP;Port;Loginname;Password;database"  

The following settings must be verified:

  • The hostname ( can stay the same if Trinity is being installed on the same computer that you run WoW on.
    Otherwise, follow the instruction in Realmlist Table if this is not the case. 
  • The port (3306) is the standard configured value. Depending on your settings, you must change it accordingly.
  • The username and password can be variable. You can choose to either:
    • Run on your root password you used when you installed MySQL Server Community Edition(e.g. 'root':'password'), which is strongly not recommend if the server is somehow public.
    • create an unique login within a User Manager within your prefered database management tool (commonly identified by an icon that looks like a person or people) and give it necessary permissions (SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE permissions are sufficient, and is much safer).
  • All other default options should be sufficient, but it is recommended that you take some time after your server is finished to read through the configs and see all the ways to customize your server.


     If you choose NOT to run vmaps or mmaps, you must make the following changes:

    • vmap.enableLOS = 1 – set this to 0
    • vmap.enableHeight = 1 – set this to 0
    • vmap.petLOS = 1 – set this to 0
    • vmap.enableIndoorCheck = 1 – set this to 0
    • mmap.enablePathFinding = 0 (default - keep this 0)

 If you change your mind and decide to extract and use vmaps or mmaps later, make sure to change these values back to "1" to take advantage of them.

Pro Tip

 For most worldserver.conf setting changes, you can simply type .reload config in-game to see changes instantly without restarting the server.

Realmlist Table

You need to make sure that your authserver / bnetserver (6.x) application directs incoming connections to your realm.

  • Run your chosen database management tool (ex. SQLYog or HeidiSQL, but also web-applications like Phpmyadmin for servers with php extension)*
  • Open the auth database and find the realmlist table. You need to edit the address field according to your needs:
    • LAN IP (192.168.x.x) - If you are installing TrinityCore on a different computer from where you run WoW, but all the computers involved are on the same network (router) use that computer's Local Area Network IP.
    • - Also known as "localhost". Leave this setting alone here and in your configs if you've installed TrinityCore on the same computer you run WoW on, and only you are connecting to it.
    • External IP – If you want other people to connect to your server, use your external IP. Visit to find your external IP address.

Public Servers

The TrinityCore Team and Owners DO NOT in any case sponsor nor support illegal public servers. If you use these projects to run an illegal public server and not for testing and learning it is your own personal choice.

Running and Connecting to Your Server

After completing all the steps listed above you can now start your server.

  • Run the authserver (bnetserver on master)  and worldserver to run your server. Both must stay running for your server to accept connections to it.
    • Tip: The authserver (bnetserver on master) allows you to enter your username (email on master)/password to connect to the Realm Selection screen, and the worldserver allows you to connect to the realm itself. Once you are in-game, the authserver (bnetserver on master) can be safely closed if you wish.

DO !NEVER! create an account directly into your database unless you are ABSOLUTELY SURE that you know what and how to do!

  • The "3" is the GM account level (higher numbers = more access), and the "-1" is the realm ID that stands for "all realms".

    Open the world database in your database management tool and find the command table. This table shows a full list of GM commands, their descriptions, and the security (GM level) needed to use them. You will not find a more accurate list of current GM commands anywhere else (assuming you keep your database up-to-date). The security level for a given command identifies that THAT GM level can use the command, along with all GM levels above it. For example, if a command has a security of 2, all accounts with a GM level of 2, 3, and 4 will be able to use it. More detailed information can be found at GM Commands Page.

  • Minimize your servers and run WoW (never run WoW using the Launcher unless you edited the's patchlist option above).
  • Log in using the user/pass you just created.
  • The Trinity realm should be selectable. Log in, create a character, and you're all done!


"Unable to open wmo_list.txt! Nothing extracted."

you need to run Mapextractor.exe before the makevmaps_simple.bat.


If you still have any problem, check:


This article is part of the Installation Guide. You can read it alone or click on the previous link to easily move between the steps.

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