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Getting started

This how-to will attempt to help with TrinityCore, and also show how this can be done in a way that also shows you the basics of how linux compilations works.

Most of this how-to is based on the use of a Debian based distribution, though we'll try to inform as best as we can when something differs totally.


DON'T clone, compile or run server as sudo or root.


  • Read your distributions' documentation on how to install packages, and also have at least knowledge on how it works with regards to adding users.*
  • Run/install TrinityCore on a dedicated machine, or a machine that you know you have full control over.
  • Do NOT install the software on a shared server solution or any server where other users may have access or might require resources to be available at all times.

Your server may be abruptly killed by an angry administrator or system staff or by software system restrictions for overuse of system resources and you willl see something like:

collect2: fatal error: ld terminated with signal 9 [Killed] compilation terminated.

you will need to use less jobs (make -j1) or increase swap.

Creating a user to work with

Start with logging in to your Linux-machine and create an account for the server itself - on most recent distributions this can easily be done with the following command :

Code Block
sudo adduser <username>

Note : Change <username> into the preferred username of your server-account - we will as far as possible avoid using specific usernames in this how-to.

Sample usernames found in various parts of this guide: wow , trinity ( - select a logical name that makes sense to you when creating the user - ).

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sudo su - <username>

Note : Change your current user to <username> so everything will run and compile with the user you just have created.

Required software

See Requirements




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