Server Setup

Now that you have the source compiled, you need to extract some necessary files.


Trinity needs to extract certain files from World of Warcraft client. You will need to match the client version with the server branch you want to use: 3.3.5 branch needs wotlk 3.3.5a client, master branch needs the version pointed near the top of github repository.

By default you will compile the core with tools and you will get the following executable files: mapextractorvmap4extractorvmap4assemblermmaps_generator (.exe on windows platform).

You have to find the directory with your World of Warcraft binary (wow.exe on windows) and put those files in there.

Some of them are optional, but highly recommended:

vmapsallHIGHLY Recommended
mmapsallHIGHLY Recommended


master onlyMandatory

After extracting all necessary files simply copy all the newly created directories to the directory with worldserver binary. Alternatively you can specify directory where you want to keep them changing DataDir value in worldserver.conf file.

If you use extractors from other projects or branches it is almost certain that your TrinityCore will not recognize the extracted data or even work!

RECOMMENDATION: compile tools in release mode to save time, debug mode extraction is much longer and it's only needed if you have a crash to report.

When this is complete you may receive the following message which can be safely ignored.

worldserver.conf / authserver.conf (bnetserver.conf for master) (you must remove .dist from worldserver.conf.dist / authserver.conf.dist / bnetserver.conf.dist files to obtain them)

Scroll down to the LoginDatabaseInfo, WorldDatabaseInfo, and CharacterDatabaseInfo configuration options and enter MySQL Server login information for the server to be able to connect to your database.

On a newly compiled configuration, you should have the following values:

It follows this structure:

The following settings must be verified:

  • The hostname ( can stay the same if Trinity is being installed on the same computer that you run WoW on.
    Otherwise, follow the instruction in Realmlist Table if this is not the case. 
  • The port (3306) is the standard configured value. If you changed the default port on your mysql settings, you must change it accordingly.
  • The username and password can be variable. You can choose to either:
    • use default trinity / trinity username and password pair.
    • create an unique login within a User Manager within your preferred database management tool (commonly identified by an icon that looks like a person or people) and give it necessary permissions (SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE permissions are sufficient, and is much safer).


"Unable to open wmo_list.txt! Nothing extracted."

you need to run Mapextractor.exe before the makevmaps_simple.bat.


If you still have any problem, check: