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Getting started

Before you get scared by this long guide, we assure you the procedure is quite simple.
Most of the following steps are to be performed only the first time you install Trinity and only the Trinity updating procedures will need to be run from time to time.

Required Software

See Windows Requirements

Pulling & Compiling the Source

Pulling the Source

  1. Create a directory in which Core files will be pulled (for example: C:\Trinity).
  2. Right-click on the directory and click on Git Extensions -> Clone (on recent versions: GitExt Clone...)
  3. Fill in the data as follow:

3.3.5 (wotlk client)

This will clone 3.3.5a branch,

this is the RECOMMENDED branch for starters and people wanting playable content.


Repository to clone:
Destination: C:\Trinity
Subdirectory to create: <none>*
Branch: 3.3.5
Personal Repository: Yes

  • <none>* means leave it empty

master (shadowlands client)

This will clone master branch,

note that this is  NOT  the recommended branch for starters, this branch doesn't ship most of content after 3.3.5a.


Repository to clone:
Destination: C:\Trinity
Subdirectory to create: <none>*
Branch: master
Personal Repository: Yes

Click Clone. Within a few minutes all of the TrinityCore source files will be pulled into the directory C:\Trinity.

Note: If you don't specify a branch, git will pull master by default! 

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