We are able to see approximately which country a player might be coming from when doing .pinfo <player> command, if we provide an additional source of information to our server.

Up to June 2018, this was done by ip2nation and ip2nationCountries auth-databasetables.

These two got replaced by the new ip2location system:

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To use this system, you have to provide the ip2location lite database to your Authserver.

You are looking for IP2LOCATION-LITE-DB1.CSV which can be downloaded from https://download.ip2location.com/lite/

Note: This system only uses IPV4. Do not try to use the IPV6 table.

Unzip it and set the full path (including the filename) in your authserver.conf and worldserver.conf

On the next Authserver start, this .csv file will be loaded:

On the next Worldserver start, this .csv will be loaded: