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Proper issue self checklist

(tic) Am I using an ancient revision/version and should update before reporting a possibly fixed issue?

(tic) Am I using any modification to core or database that could cause this issue?

(tic) Is it clear which branch I am using? (3.3.5/6.x/other)

(tic) Did I include the revision of the core I am using?

(tic) Did I include the version of the database I am using?

(tic) Did I include the operating system I am using?

(tic) Did I include the steps to reproduce the problem?

(tic) Did I explain what is wrong and what is the expected behavior/output?


Trouble installing or compiling TrinityCore? Do not create an issue on Github. See this instead:


Frequently Asked Questions

 Why isn't last or latest a valid revision?

There are 40 time zones from UTC−12 to UTC+14, we don't known on what time zone you live. For me, today is 31 of July, for someone on Honolulu it's 30 of July.

Also, few hours after you describe your issue, the repository is likely to have more commits. That means that "latest" has changed and no longer describes the state of your core.

 What constitutes a proper version/revision?
  • Core example

    • TrinityCore Hash: c4818f189216 (Win32, Debug (little-endian)) (worldserver-daemon)
  • Database example

    •  TDB 335.11.49
 Why does my core display "0000-00-00 00:00:00" as version information?

Issue description template


**Current behaviour**: Tell us what happens

**Expected behaviour**: Tell us what should happen instead

**Steps to reproduce the problem**:


**Branch(es)**: 3.3.5 / 6.x (Select the branch(es) affected by this issue) 

**TC hash/commit**:  

**TDB version**:  

**Operating system**:  

[//]: # (This template is for problem reports, for other type of reports edit it accordingly)
[//]: # (If this is a crash report, include the crashlog with
[//]: # (For fixes containing c++ create a Pull Request)


While it is not mandatory to use the example above, we recommend it. (Adapted from Google Code)