Creating a Pull Request

How to create a Pull Request for TrinityCore

1.) Fork the TrinityCore Repository

2.) Choose the correct Fork position

3.) Wait until you get your new Fork


4.) Copy the URL of your Fork


5.) Create a new Folder and start cloning

6.) Type the URL of the Repository and select the main branch you want to use

7.) Start cloning

8.) Wait while the repository gets cloned

9.) Browse in your repository

10.) Use Git Bash 

11.) Create a new Branch with "git checkout -b xxx" (in this case MayFix) - and press 'Enter'

Note: The name of the branch is really random, MayFix is only an example here

12.) Switch to your (MayFix) Branch

13.) Apply your C++ Fix and save it

14.) Open up the newly created commit - You will see changes there

15.) Stage it

16.) Apply a fitting Commit message
(Structure to use: Main category/Subcategory: Object - Changed Subject)

17.) Push it


18.) Push your commit and create the new branch in your online repository


19.) Click the Compare button in the Main repository

20.) Click the Create Pull Request button

Now you are done, congratulations on your first Pull Request (sonrisa)